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Dr Suzi Chen (PhD)

Suzi is the Managing Director of Notonos Global, a solution oriented strategy consultancy firm in Melbourne that helps businesses grow by better understanding customers' needs and wants. Suzi's previous experience includes being a medical researcher in the field of vascular medicine and a project manager for the emergency management services sector.

Suzi believes in life-long learning and holds a doctoral degree in medical sciences and a diploma in several other areas including management, project management and graphic design. Suzi has a passion for developing resilient communities and has been involved in the non-profit sector for over 10 years as a volunteer and a company director.

Currently, Suzi chairs Junior Chamber International (JCI) Partnership Committee, leading an international team involving representatives from 13 countries who work closely with the United Nations and young people globally to advance the Sustainable Development Goals. Suzi also chairs the Audit and Strategy Subcommittee at Link Health and Community, a community health service provider in Melbourne's East. 

Board Experience
Chair - JCI Partnership Committee (2018)
Director - Link Private Practice (2017 - ongoing)
Chair - Audit & Strategy Subcommittee, Link Health and Communities (2018 - ongoing)
Chair - Business Strategy & Innovation Subcommittee, Link Health and Communities (2017)
Executive Director - Link Health and Communities (2015 - ongoing)
National President - JCI Australia (2015)
Executive Director - JCI Australia (2013 - ongoing) 

Email Suzi here and you can follow her on Twitter at @chensuzi or connect with Suzi on Facebook

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