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A Strategist At Heart

All business success began with a strategic mindset. That is why we are strategists at heart.

Our goal at Notonos Global is to find the best growth strategy that suits your business by listening to your customers and turning their insights into your competitive advantage.

From facilitating strategic discussions to increasing brand exposure through content marketing, we believe in a cross-disciplinary approach when it comes to business growth. Specifically, Notonos Global has in-house capability in the following areas:

  • business consulting
  • building solutions
  • editing, writing and publishing
  • creative pursuit.

We reach far and wide, because of our entrepreneurial spirit and our famous "Say NO to NOs" attitude (that's how we started our company. If you haven't heard the story, give us a call). From mapping customer journey to helping builders with compliance issues to publishing books, we love it all.

Notonos Global works with businesses across industries. Here are some of our delightful clients:

Business Consulting

Business Growth through Good Customer Experience

We all want to grow our business.

At Notonos Global, we believe in achieving business growth through impeccable customer experience and advocacy.

As such, we make us different from other business consultant is that we always provide business advice through the lens of customer experience. We live and breathe the question "how does this help your customer?"

Key business areas that Notonos Global focuses on include:

  • strategy development
  • data strategy
  • continuous improvement
  • business transformation
  • training
  • project management.

Building Solutions

Helping Building Industry "Getting It Right the First Time

We love building and we know building. We have more than 20 years industry experience in residential, multi-residential and commercial constructions projects.

Not only our Building Consultants understand both the "old school" and contemporary methodologies, they are also experienced business consultants. Notonos Global is where technical expertise meets business minds.

From new residential homes to aged care facilities, from inspection to alternative solutions, from renovation to extension, from luxury homes to period homes, our Building Consultants can help you. 

Editing, Writing and Publishing

Business Growth Through Words

Whether you pen it as a traditionalist or rely on your keyboard as a contemporist, writing is an essential part of the business world. Report writing, blog posts, annual reports and executive briefings, the list goes on.

Unfortunately, not everyone enjoys writing or has the time to write. Rather than stressing about it, why not let us help you.

We provide copy writing services, training courses on writing and branding opportunities through book projects. 

Check out our Writers Central for more information.

Creative Lab

Business Growth Through Creativity

Life is beautiful and life is art. And nothing more exciting when we can use our artistic inspirations to grow your business.

Our creative minds at Notonos Global welcome project enquiries relating to 

If you have a creative project in mind, why not get in touch?