Building Market Relevance with Futures Thinking

What does future look like for you? At Notonos Global, we believe in an inclusive and diverse future where people have opportunities to fulfil their potential.

While future may be full of uncertainties, it also presents exciting opportunities. Collectively with over 30 years of industry and academic experience, Notonos consultants have helped businesses, large and small, stay market relevant and profitable. 

How Do We Do It?

We do it in 2 steps:

Step 1: We embrace the uncertainty in the future and use it to our advantage. In other words, we don’t bury our head in the sand nor should you.

Step 2: We use the world's most pressing issues (yeah, we use the real issues) to challenge our thinking and unlock innovative opportunities. This enables us creating scenarios to help businesses reimagine their future.

You Have 3 Divisions?

Notonos is divided into 3 divisions: Business Resilience, Building Consulting and Strategic Branding. Scroll down to learn more about what we do.

Why Working With Notonos? What is Our Secret Weapon?

Notonos consultants are analysts, problem-solvers and thinkers - just like many other competent business consultants in the industry. What truly sets us apart is that we are also creators.

In addition to our industry and academic experience, Notonos consultants either have mad creative skills such as graphic design and video production or have been involved in creative process such product development. In other words, we immerse ourselves in creative thinking. Our creative minds are our secrete weapon for probelm-solving and strategy development. 

So if you are looking for business consultants who talk the future, think the future,  then look no further. We are ready for you. 

Our Clients

Our Services

Business Resilience

Business Resilience

Develop your business resilience and be future ready. Connect with our Resilience Strategists

Building Consulting

Building Consulting

Help Building Industry "getting it right the first time". Connect with our Building Experts

Growth Through Branding

Strategic Branding

Grow your business through words and creativity. Connect with our creative team